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The European Scientific foundation for Laboratory Hemato Oncology (ESLHO) is a scientifically independent foundation that promotes innovation, standardization, quality control and education of laboratory diagnostics focused on lymphoid malignancies, together with the associated consortia EuroClonality, EuroFlow and EuroMRD.

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1st EuroFlow Summer School
1st EuroFlow Summer School
June 25, 2024

This week the 1st EuroFlow Summer school takes place in Salamanca, Spain. The EuroFlow Summer School is designed to train already experienced clinical flow cytometrists, and introduce them to EuroFlow procedures, analysis of the EuroFlow panels and use of its associated databases in InfinicytTM. This 1st EuroFlow Summer school focusses on the analysis and interpretation of the EuroFlow Screening tubes: ALOT, LST, SST, PCST and PIDOT. Each tube is introduced individually with the rationale behind the choice of markers per panel, and in-depth review of each population to be identified in normal and pathological samples, as well as per sample type. In addition to manual analysis, automated gating and interpretation of the analysis will be presented and trained.


ESLHO is a Specialized Working Group of the European Hematology Association. At the annual EHA Congress, ESLHO presents its innovations in the special EHA-SWG sessions.

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