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The European Scientific foundation for Laboratory Hemato Oncology (ESLHO) is a scientifically independent foundation that promotes innovation, standardization, quality control and education of laboratory diagnostics focused on lymphoid malignancies, together with the associated consortia EuroClonality, EuroFlow and EuroMRD.

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ESLHO Symposium

Every year in November, ESLHO organizes a scientific symposium. During this event, speakers from all over the world share their knowledge and talk about the latest results from research projects related to laboratory diagnostics for lymphoid malignancies.

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EU Regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR)

The IVDR, which will regulate all in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDs) from May 2022 onwards, will have a major impact on IVD manufacturers as well as diagnostic laboratories. To aid laboratories from the ESLHO networks with their preparations for the IVDR, including compliance to the IVDR requirements for in-house devices, ESLHO provides information and support in the form of lectures, symposia, publications and a dedicated web page.


ESLHO is a Specialized Working Group of the European Hematology Association. At the annual EHA Congress, ESLHO presents its innovations in the special EHA-SWG sessions.

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12th ESLHO Symposium in Salamanca


The 12th ESLHO Symposium will take place in Salamanca Spain on November 9th 2023. The Lectures all concern the subject: New developments in flow cytometry, immunogenetics and MRD assessment. This symposium is open to participants of the three consortia, EuroClonality, EuroMRD, and EuroFlow, only.

New Perspective on implementation of the IVDR in diagnostic labs


At the EHA2022 Congress, an EHA-IVDR session was held in which the local implementation of the IVDR was discussed. This resulted in a publication in HemaSphere with the title: “Experience With IVDR Implementation in Three Diagnostic Laboratories: Messages to EU Health Institutions, Diagnostic Healthcare Payers, and Authorities.” ESLHO, which is one of the Specialized Working Groups of the European Hematology Association (EHA), has contributed to both the 2022 EHA-IVDR session and this recent publication. The perspective summarizes the EHA-IVDR session, in which laboratory professionals from three different EU countries shared their experiences with local implementation of the IVDR. Messages to different stakeholders, aimed at supporting further IVDR implementation, are included at the end of the publication.

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