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EuroMRD Consortium Announces Two New Publications

June 12, 2024

Huge congratulations to the EuroMRD Consortium with two new publications in the field of minimal residual disease. Both benchmark manuscripts are published in the leading journal Leukemia. The first, titled ‘Analysis of measurable residual disease by IG/TR gene rearrangements: QA and updated EuroMRD guidelines’, having Vincent van der Velden as first author, describes the design and analysis of our quality assessment scheme. It reports EuroMRD’s revised data interpretation guidelines, which are based on experiences build up over the last 20 years.

The second publication, ‘The gray area of RQ-PCR-based measurable residual disease: subdividing the positive, below quantitative range (PBQR) category’, first author Michaela Kotrova, is a very useful addition to the first publication and tightens the interpretation guidelines for PBQR results and complements RQ-PCR with other methods that may overcome the limitations of PBQR results, potentially leading to a better choice of treatment.

Interested to read more? The publications have free access, you can find them in our List of Publications.