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13th ESLHO Symposium


Education and dissemination of knowledge are important aims of the ESLHO consortia EuroClonality, EuroFlow and EuroMRD. Every year, all participants come together at the ESLHO Symposium, where they present and discuss the latest results of their cooperative work and invite guest speakers to talk about the state of the art.

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The first large EQA sample distribution from the ESLHO lab


The first large EQA sample distribution from the ESLHO lab! Two weeks ago ESLHO arranged the aliquoting and distribution for the wet cases of the EuroClonality IG/TR clonality assessment EQA scheme 2024. By now the samples also arrived to the labs of our participants in South Africa, China and India. This was a colorful event that for sure we will repeat in the future!

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1st EuroFlow Summer School


This week the 1st EuroFlow Summer school takes place in Salamanca, Spain. The EuroFlow Summer School is designed to train already experienced clinical flow cytometrists, and introduce them to EuroFlow procedures, analysis of the EuroFlow panels and use of its associated databases in InfinicytTM. This 1st EuroFlow Summer school focusses on the analysis and interpretation of the EuroFlow Screening tubes: ALOT, LST, SST, PCST and PIDOT. Each tube is introduced individually with the rationale behind the choice of markers per panel, and in-depth review of each population to be identified in normal and pathological samples, as well as per sample type. In addition to manual analysis, automated gating and interpretation of the analysis will be presented and trained.

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Certificate of Appreciation


At the EHA congress, which took place last week in Madrid, the founders of EuroFlow, Prof.dr. Alberto Orfao and Prof.dr. Jacques van Dongen received a special Certificate of Appreciation.

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Visit the ESLHO booth on the EHA 2024


The EHA 2024 congress in Madrid has started! As usual, ESLHO, as specialized working group of the EHA, is present in the Collaboration Plaza in Hall 9. Pass by to learn about our consortia EuroClonality, EuroFlow and EuroMRD, our symposium on Multi-omics approaches for diagnosis and monitoring of hematological malignancies in November 2024, or to score one of our educational books!

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